The Drums of War: Imjin War JCC (Korea)

On June 1st, 1592, word reaches the court of King Seonjo that invaders from the islands of Nippon have landed upon the shores of Joseon. The King has called upon you, and all of the other members of the Border Defense Council of Joseon, to guide the kingdom through one of the darkest chapters of Korean history. The primary objective of the council is to push the reviled interlopers back into the sea. However, bureaucratic bloat, economic stagnation, and corruption within the army all weigh heavily upon the minds of those councilors who understand the rot that has laid Korea open to invasion in the first place. The council’s first task will be to select a field commander for the army, and already court factions and personal rivalries are proving to be more decisive than any weapon that the Japanese have employed thus far. Will the Council stand as a bulwark against the Land of the Rising Sun, or will Joseon be swept away by the tides of history?

Background Guide

Nicholas Campione is a sophomore at the University of Florida studying political science and economics. He’s been doing Model UN for one year in college and was the president of his high school MUN club. He was a crisis coordinator at the previous iteration of SUNMUN and has attended five collegiate conferences. Outside of Model UN he enjoys clay shooting, surfing, and reading about history.

Nick and Max chose this topic due to their mutual interest in historical topics in Asia, as well as the unique historical factors that led up to the Imjin War. Moreover, they are interested to see how delegates make use of both land and sea; the Imjin War was the largest naval invasion of its time up until the invasions of Normandy during World War II. They are looking forward to seeing delegates immerse themselves in this fascinating period of Korean history.